Our Virtual Stroll of Stamford
The Station to St. Martins's
St. Martin's to St. Mary's
St. Mary's to St Georges
St. Georges to St. Michaels
St. Michaels to St. Augustans
St. Augustans to All Saints
All Saints to the Station

The Railway Station to St. Martin's Church

The BR line from Norwich to Birmingham passes by here. The most immediate neighbouring stations are Peterborough and the lovely market town of Oakham. Peterborough, 12 minutes ride away is on the main East Coast line, 50 minutes North of London, 4 hours South of Edinburgh.

On leaving the station, on your right you will find the George Hotel's conference centre and a small row of exclusive shops, including a branch of the auctioneers Sotheby's.

The rear entrance to the George Hotel is certainly not just reserved for tradesmen.

On your left, opposite the George is a small group of well preserved Almshouses.

The gallows that straddle the Old North Road. - Not the sort of place where any self respecting Highwaymen liked to be seen hanging around.

The Knights of St. John of the Cross met in the grounds of The George Hotel, a 16th century coaching inn, which retains the charm of its long history. St Martin's church, is but a two minute detour up the hill.

Here at St. Martin's Church, you can see the monument to the first Lord Burghley - Sir William Cecil. He died in in the 16th century and his effigy lies on the table tomb in armours and garter robes. Many beautifully painted glass partitions adorn the church.

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